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What is OAuth and how it works for SaaS API integrations cover
OAuth has become the go-to authentication mechanism for many SaaS applications because it provides a secure and seamless integration experience for users. In this blog post, we'll explore what OAuth is, how it works, and how it enables SaaS API integrations.
OAuth vs OpenID Connect: Understanding the Differences for SaaS Integrations cover
As more SaaS applications are being developed and integrated with one another, it's important to understand the different types of authentication protocols available for your SaaS integrations.
OAuth error monitoring notification cover
To help you keep better track of your API calls, we have enabled Error Email Notifications that are sent everytime there is an error with your calls. This document details what are the possible error you may see, what each of them could mean and how you could go about fixing this.
How to add Google Calendar integration in your Bubble app cover
Looking to add Google Calendar integration in your app? Here is a detailed step by guide on how you can activate oauth for Google Calendar and make the relevant API call using the Bubble API Connector.
How to enable Quickbooks webhooks for your SaaS integrations cover
Add Quickbooks webhook integration in your SaaS app for your app users
Top 4 Workato competitors you need to evaluate for user integrations cover
See pricing and features comparison of the top Workato competitors before you decide which solution is right for your B2B integrations.
Top 4 competitor comparison you need to evaluate cover
See pricing and features comparison of the top Tray competitors before you decide what is right for your B2B integrations.
Top 5 productivity tools to integrate your SaaS with in 2022 cover
A list of the top 5 productivity tools SaaS platforms should integrate with in 2022.
Pathfix now offers support for OAuth with PKCE! cover
Now add integrations to your SaaS app to providers that offer OAuth with PKCE flow with Pathfix.
Webhooks for SaaS Integrations - What are Webhook integrations and how can you implement it.
What does Webhooks for SaaS mean, why should you implement webhook vs setting up Polling for data changes in your user-facing SaaS integrations.
Adding user-facing webhook integration in your SaaS platform
When trying to add integrations, most SaaS builders often choose to offer webhooks as a way to fetch or sync data between platforms. But, what are webhooks and how can you leverage 3rd party webhooks to build integrations in your SaaS that your customers need?
SaaS Integrations - Adding user-facing, native integrations in your SaaS
SaaS integrations are native, user-facing integrations that allow your users to connect your platform with any third-party software platform of their choice. See how you can add integrations in your SaaS.

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