Is Pathfix OAuth like Zapier?

A lot of times users think Pathfix is like Zapier. Users have reached out to us asking if Pathfix is an alternative to Zapier. The answer? No, we are not like Zapier.

So, to put rest to the whole ‘Pathfix Vs. Zapier’ discussion, we thought it best to write out a blog that details why we are nothing like Zapier.

SaaS growth

With so many SaaS solutions being released daily, it is no surprise that integration tools and workflow automation tools are becoming the need of the hour. The more connected your SaaS gets, the more data and growth your SaaS sees.

To put this in numbers:

There are thousands of SaaS platforms that already exist. Of these, there are over 7,000 in marketing alone!

With these many existing platforms (with thousands of users), it would make sense to have an integration first approach so that your data speaks to their data and vice versa. This is where Integrations come in.

There are 2 types of integrations:

  1. Backend integrations (workflow)
  2. User facing integrations

Backend integrations (workflow) essentially refers to server to server connections for internal consumption. This does not require any End User Authorization and can be solved by using workflow automation tools or Webhooks based solutions.

User facing integrations allow a platform’s user to connect their tools to the platform. This requires an End-User Authorization process that lets the user give permission to the requesting SaaS to access data from the provider.

Zapier is the workflow automation tool that allows internal teams to connect to apps and action a flow based on a trigger.

Pathfix is the OAuth platform that allows you to offer native, user facing integrations to multiple providers without managing the OAuth-based authorization (grant flow) and communication

Here’s a quick comparison of Pathfix Vs. Zapier:


Although Pathfix and Zapier enable integrations, Pathfix is NOT like Zapier. We help enable SaaS builders offer Oauth-based integrations to their end users.

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