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A Guide to Unified APIs: What They Are, How they Work & How To Build it Yourself!
Everything you need to know about Unified APIs and SaaS integrations
We built an API Builder for our API-based automation platform
Pathfix Automation runs on APIs only (think: if Zapier and Postman had a baby), so it made sense for us to spend a lot of time to build out a slick and easy to use API builder.
Building native integrations vs. Zapier. What should you do?
Building a software is hard work. How do you add more value by adding integrations without spending months building them out.
5 no-code apps and tools you need in 2021
No-code is the new software revolution that empowers individuals to build apps. Here is our list of the top 5 tools you absolutely need in 2021.
Solving oauth in app is a great no-code platform built for founders with low to no programming skills. It is currently one of the best ways to build software without having any prior knowledge of coding or programming. See how you can handle oauth2.0 integrations in your Bubble app.
The pros and cons of open source token management system for oauth2
Is open source the right solution when it comes to OAuth 2 and OAuth 1 token management system? In this article, we dig into the pros and cons of using an open source token management system for OAuth2 and OAuth1 requirements.
Best way to handle oauth tokens (access and refresh tokens)
Before you start offering your end users the ability to integrate and push or pull data from other application into your app, you need to have an OAuth tokens system, or more commonly called the OAuth Token Management System.
Looking to offer integrations to your users? You need OAuth
Integrations. According to a recent study by Gartner, SaaS companies will be spending 50% of development time on integrations. Platforms all over the world are implementing integration-first strategies to grow and scale their product usage.
What is Single Sign On (SSO)? How can you add it to your existing login?
See why adding a single sign on (SSO) makes user and business sense and how you can add an SSO button to your existing login module in less than 5 minutes
Is Pathfix like Zapier?
Is Pathfix like Zapier🤔? A lot of times users get us mixed up. So, to put the whole ‘Pathfix Vs. Zapier’ discussion to rest, we thought it best to write out a blog that details why we are nothing like Zapier. Read more on how Pathfix is NOT like Zapier.
Top 3 CRM integrations to integrate your SaaS with in 2020
Businesses choose CRM tools to help them manage their business information and it is one of the first tools purchased. See our list of the top CRM tools to integrate with.
Top 5 productivity tools to integrate your SaaS with in 2020
A list of the top 5 productivity tools SaaS platforms should integrate with in 2020.

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