Integration Plugins Built For NoCode Apps

Add native integrations to your no-code app quickly with Pathfix built plugins. Each plugin handles the entire oauth process and offers pre-configured APIs.

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Install the Pathfix Connector Plugin first (not required for SSO), then pick a provider plugin to install and get started.

Pathfix OAuth Connector
First plugin to add the Visual Element across all your Pathfix Plugins
Add Facebook oauth integration to your app and allow your users to post to their pages
Google Calendar
Enable integration from your Bubble app to your user's Google Calendar account. View, delete, create calendars and events.
Enable Instagram Graph API plugin integration from your Bubble app to your user's Instagram account
LinkedIn Plugin
This plugin add the LinkedIn integration to your Bubble app and get data for your users from the LinkedIn API.
Login (SSO)
Add Single Sign-on login to multiple identity providers.
Enable Mailchimp integration from your Bubble app to your user's Mailchimp account
Microsoft Calendar
Add Microsoft Calendar integration to your app, authorize your users and get data from the Microsoft Calendar API
Add Quickbooks oauth integration to your Bubble app
Slack Plugin for apps. Access the Slack API and send messages to Slack.
Spotify Plugin
No-code Spotify plugin for apps that calls the Search API
Add Twilio integration to your app allowing your users to send messages through either their own Twilio accounts or your Twilio account
Twitter API plugin for Manage tweets, send tweets from your Bubble app.
Add Xero integration to your app. The plugin enables integration from your Bubble app to your user's Xero for Customer and Invoice

No coding or API setup required!

Leverage the power of no-code apps with pre-built integration plugins. Pathfix integration plugins handle OAuth, tokens and API calls.


Add Custom Integration Using Bubble API Connector.

Want to connect to any provider and call any API endpoint? Use the Bubble API Connector with Pathfix and get started.

Use API Connector + Pathfix to integrate
OAuth connection to any provider
Make calls to any API Endpoint
Bubble API Connector OAuth

Start Your Build With Pathfix OAuth