The importance of integrations to the growth of a SaaS

Cloud solutions are growing rapidly. To put things in perspective, as of today, there more than 7K cloud saas solutions in the marketing space alone!

The reason is simple – it is not possible for one SaaS solution/platform to cover all the needs for any organization.

What does that mean for the user?

The user will end up having a set of solutions that when combined, allows them to get the functionality they need. But this means, they have multiple logins, data split across these solutions and have to spend time to bring all this data in one place.

What does this mean for the SaaS?

The chances of a SaaS solution being used more frequently, goes down. Your user will mostly stick to the solution that offers the most answers to their questions. The SaaS solution needs to be a part of the users existing stack to get more usability out of their system.

The solution: Integrations

Integrations allow you to connect and speak to the apps that your users are already consuming, this increases the frequency of usage and allows the user to sync their data across the applications they use.

Why should you consider integrations?


Adding integrations to SaaS allows you to add more value to your product. By giving your users the ability to connect to other softwares, they get new ways of using your product. This helps you scale your product quickly, rather than working as a loner.


By being a part of your users existing software stack, you increase the odds of your software being used. Offering integrations to other platforms also means that your users get to do much more with the data collected from your software.

User Ease of Use

Not having to switch between apps, logins (think about those retention emails), you have simplified how your users end up using the data collected by your app. You have not just built dependency on your app but you have also eased the users ability to use your platform.

Building integrations are a key factor for any SaaS platform that is looking to grow their solution. With multiple API builders out there, that get you going in a few days, connecting them can be one in less than 5 minutes by using Pathfix.

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