One Solution For All Your OAuth Connections.

The OAuth proxy solution that enables end user authorization from your app to any provider


One Connection to manage all your OAuth integrations

Pathfix has simplified the entire OAuth complexity with a proxy solution. Simply add your application and connect to any provider in under 5 minutes.

Authorize users, push or pull messages from any platform

REST API based calls to Pathfix

Completely flexible and secure

No SDK’s, token management systems or frameworks to manage

Add integrations to your saas

Powerful & Secure OAuth Connections

Pathfix handles all OAuth related security frameworks and encryptions, allowing you to focus on your core platform..

Data Encryption At-Rest And In-Transit

Complete Security Management

Log monitoring system and notification engine 

Read more on security here

Trusted & Scalable

Pathfix handles the entire maintenance and management of all OAuth provider connections, without ever needing to download SDK’s.

Guaranteed Annual Uptime Percentage of 99.5%

Low latency for authorization and message sending

Connect to as many providers without worrying about infrastructure

See how Pathfix handles Authorization and Communication seamlessly.


Open, Flexible Platform

Add OAuth connections to any provider and enable communication between apps, in less than 5 minutes.

End User Authorization

Allow your end users to connect and authorize your application to any platform of their choice.


Send messages, pull data or push data between your application and any provider

Ready to Start Connecting?