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5 Integrations
2,000 Calls/mo
50 End Users
OAuth User Authorization
OAuth Communication
OAuth Token Management


50 Integrations
1000 End Users
OAuth User Authorization
OAuth Communication
OAuth Token Management


Unlimited Integrations
Unlimited End Users
OAuth User Authorization
OAuth Communication
OAuth Token Management

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is Pathfix with my OAuth connections and messaging?

At Pathfix, security is of the utmost importance. All our tokens (access and refresh) associated with user accounts are encrypted and stored on cluster servers designed to prevent brute-force attacks even in case of a breach. Making it not only unreadable to human eyes but also inaccessible from any attack. All Pathfix accounts come with Firewall blocking as well.

Additionally, our servers and encryption algorithms go through stringent penetration tests and quality checks (SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs)) ensuring that our servers and data are always secured. 

Do I need to download multiple SDK files for multiple connections?

No. Pathfix allows you to connect to multiple service providers through a single Pathfix code. No additional SDK's required, no multiple installs needed. 

What happens to my User’s Tokens if I stop using Pathfix?

If you decide to stop using the connection and messaging service from Pathfix, you will be given the option to request your user token data.

What is Pathfix's uptime commitment?

Pathfix will make the service available with an Annual Uptime Percentage of 99.5%.

How long are your subscriptions?

All Pathfix plans are paid monthly, we do not lock you into any annual contract. You can start and stop your subscription at any time.

How is a Call defined in Pathfix?

A communication/message request to the service provider through pathfix is termed as a call.

What if I exceed the number of calls in my subscription?

You will be notified when you are closer to your limit. At which point, you will have to upgrade your plan to the next tier. If you hit your limit and fail to upgrade, your connections will resume once you have upgraded for the month.

How is an End User defined?

An End User is the number of your platform users (your customers) that access the integrations to make a connection.

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