Thousands of developers choose Pathfix over Azure Logic Apps for their SaaS integrations.

User-facing integrations

Managed auth


Multi-provider API chaining

Data transformation


A Platform That's Built For SaaS Integrations.

We love the flexibility that Azure Logic Apps offers. But why try to make it do something it wasn’t built for? Pathfix's integration products has been built to solve SaaS integrations for 3rd party authentication and API automation.

Logic Apps

User-facing webhook listening

3rd party authentication (auth)

API integration data calls

Trigger workflow for connected user

OAuth Platform

Managed Auth Solution For Your SaaS

Connect your customers via our 100 managed OAuth solution and call any API endpoint directly with the OAuth Platform.

Connect With Any SaaS App

Call APIs across hundreds of providers and build your workflow. Connect to your stack or offer your users the ability to connect to theirs. The possibilities are endless.


Authorise your connections and start connecting across multiple providers.


Use Pathfix OAuth to offer your users the ability to connect their accounts.


Don't see a provider? Don't let that stop you, we can add it in a few days.

No User Data Stored. Ever.

Automation Platform

The API Integration OS For Your SaaS

Automate all your API integrations and enable webhooks with the visual workflow platform that does all the heavy lifting.

Automate Your API Integrations

We've built the most powerful and flexible API automation tool so you can automate your entire user-facing API integrations to your application.

Call any API, get transformed data, add dynamic fields to it and send to any API.


Add API call to any provider with dynamic fields


Initialize your call and get response data.


Link API calls to build your workflow using data from one call with the next.

Trusted By Thousands Of Makers, Developers and Creators.

Pathfix has received so much love from founders, CTOs, developers and no coders that are looking to add powerful integrations to their platforms.

Integrate With Any Providers

Pathfix supports any software that offers OAuth connectivity.

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