Quickbooks Integration Plugin


Works with:

  • Bubble.io

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Integration Plugins > Quickbooks

Pathfix offers the easiest way for you to add Quickbooks integration to your Bubble.io app. Pathfix will handle the entire oauth process, token management and the pass-through connectivity to Quickbooks endpoint.

Install This Plugin

IMPORTANT: Before installing any Pathfix Plugin, install the Pathfix Connector plugin first.

We have 2 separate plugins for Quickbooks that covers the following:

  1. Quickbooks (Customer + Invoice)
  2. Quickbooks (Vendor + Payment)

Install the Quickbooks Connector plugin based on your needs from the Bubble.io plugin page:

  • Go to your Bubble.io account and select your application
  • Click on the Plugins tab on the left nav
  • Click +Add Plugins
  • Search for Quickbooks plugin by Pathfix and click on Install
  • Add the Pathfix x-partner-key received from the Pathfix Connector plugin

Plugin Setup

Once installed, there are no additional configurations required. All workflows, actions are accessible for use immediately. The Pathfix Connector will automatically render the UI button.

Add text, workflow etc components and setup your Workflow. Detailed documentation here.

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