5 no-code apps and tools you need in 2021

No-code is the new software revolution. For one simple reason - Visual Programming!

These platforms combined with no-code tools allow you to build fully functioning apps using visual programming, without any prior coding knowledge.

As a low-code platform that solves oauth integrations, we speak to both devs and no-code makers. The consensus is clear - nocode platforms are here to stay!

So if you are building or thinking of building an application, here are the top 5 apps and tools that you need to take a closer look at.


So look, when you think of building a fully functional app on a no-code platform, the first name has to be Bubble.io

Bubble is the leader in Visual Programming and is the most preferred platform when it comes to nocode builds.

With powerful features like API Connectors, Responsiveness, Plugin support etc. with extensibility built in, Bubble is truly a powerhouse in the nocode arena.


Next on our list is Thunkable - No code platform to build native mobile apps (Android and iOS).

Thunkable is a simple, no nonsense platform that gives you to ability to build native mobile apps without fiddling about with SDKs or wrappers.


From the makers of MailerLite (The Remote Company), YCode is quickly gaining traction as being one of the best no-code platforms ever built.

Currently in beta with a waitlist, YCode allows you to build advanced nocode applications with great functionality, integrated databases and API support.


Another new kid on the block and a nocode platform definitely you need to watch out for is Bildr

What makes Bildr interesting to us is their focus on collaboration. Teams (agencies, collaborators) working on building platform see updates and changes happening in real-time with live-previews.

Currently in private beta mode, you can sign up for early access here.


We would be remiss if we didn't include Pathfix in this list. Not because it is a tool we built, but because it brings the power of oauth data integrations to nocode platforms - seamlessly!

Pathfix handles the entire OAuth process (authorization, token management and connectivity) for your end-users across 150+ providers and offers a single API to call any endpoint of the provider.

This essentially means, you can offer integration connections to 150+ different 3rd party providers and pull data and actions directly into your app without having to deal with oauth, tokens or making complex API calls.

You can start with the pre-built Plugins or if you are comfortable with APIs, call them directly using the API connector from your nocode application.

No code platforms are certainly changing the way development is happening. There is a lot of potential to what users can now build.

And, with millions of users already building apps, visual programming/no-code platforms are definitely a hit with both dev teams and nocoders alike and a space that needs to be watched very closely!

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