Test And Make Calls To Any OAuth Endpoint and REST API

Pathfix Playground. As the name suggests, is a playground built by the team here at Pathfix to help users connect to different providers and connect to their endpoints and APIs.

In this tutorial, we will walk through on how to use the Pathfix Playground to work with and test multiple provider OAuth endpoints and make API calls


You will need the following to follow the tutorial:

  • Link to our Playground 🙂
  • Access/create your Pathfix account here


The Playground has been built to connect to some of the most commonly used providers. The clientids and clientsecrets used in this Playground are that of Pathfix. Some of these apps are awaiting approval from the provider and you may see a warning before you authorize. These are apps that are registered with the provider and is currently awaiting approval. You can always use your own clientid and clientsecret within your Pathfix account and test the connection.

Connecting to Endpoints

Visit the Playground right here to begin connecting: https://app.pathfix.com/playground

  • Select a provider from the left navigation bar
  • The button to Connect will appear, click to authenticate your account
  • On authentication, you can select a Method from the dropdown to test the connection
  • The endpoint URL will be auto-filled for the Method selected
  • Hit SEND to send the call request
  • The RESPONSE field will show the response received from the provider

Sample SEND Call:

"url": "https://www.googleapis.com/gmail/v1/users/me/messages",
"method": "GET",
"payload": {}

Sample SUCCESS Response:

"rows": [
"pincStatus": "success",
"statusCode": "200",
"contentType": "application/json",
"data": {
"messages": [
"id": "172da3933ffb3f5d",
"threadId": "172da3933ffb3f5d"

The endpoint URL can be changed to any of the providers available endpoints


Pathfix handles the entire authentication, authorization and communication between your app and the provider. Including the token management required for access and refresh tokens as well as stamping API calls from the point your users click the integration button on your app.

You can access the Playground here: https://app.pathfix.com/playground

Ready to Start Connecting?