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Pathfix offers the easiest way for you to add Google Slides OAuth integration to your app. Setup your OAuth connection in just a few minutes, we manage the OAuth servers, token management system, and provide pass-through connectivity to all of Typeform's endpoints.

Typeform API and Endpoints

Click on Connect To Typeform button on the right and connect to any of Typeform's endpoints quickly. Change the URL to call the any API endpoints you want.

Pathfix supports all publicly available Typeform API. You can find all their endpoints right here: https://developer.typeform.com/get-started

How It Works

The Connect button will let you test the connectivity to Typeform and allows you to play around with the different endpoints offered. Play around with the endpoint URLs, methods and payloads.

To get started:

  • Click on Connect to Typeform button
  • Click on Integrate and connect your account
  • Once connected, select from one of the sample methods available
  • Change the URL to access different endpoints

  • Popular Endpoint APIs
  • Setting Up Typeform Connection
Popular Endpoint APIs

Endpoints and APIs

Typeform API for OAuth connection

Image by Typeform

Create Forms

Manage forms, themes and images through their Create_API

Authorize your users and connect to any endpoint by replacing the url and adding your specific payload, all done quickly through Pathfix.

    "url": "https://api.typeform.com/forms",
    "method": "POST",
    "payload": {    
    "headers": {        

Retrieve Responses

Typeform's Responses_API endpoint allows you to fetch responses for any specific form based on form ID.

Simply insert the form_id in the url and make the call via Pathfix.

    "url": "https://api.typeform.com/forms/{form_id}/responses",
    "method": "GET",
    "payload": {    
    "headers": {        

Insert Webhooks

Create or update Webhooks with Typeforms Webhook_API

Update the form_id and the webhook_url and make the call through Pathfix.

    "url": "https://api.typeform.com/forms/[form_id]/webhooks/unique_tag",
    "method": "GET",
    "payload": {
        "url": "[webhook_url]",
        "enabled": true
Setting Up Typeform Connection

Setup Typeform Connection In Pathfix

Pathfix enables you to connect and consume all of Typeform's APIs. Register your app with Typeform, get your client id and client secret for use in Pathfix.

Access your Pathfix account and add your application.

Add your Client ID and Client Secret received from Typeform

Get your code to deploy the integration on your platform

Detailed documentation available here: https://docs.pathfix.com/integrating-with-typeform

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