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Integrations > is one the fastest growing no-code app building platforms globally. With, non-tech founders, builders and emerging creators can easily build and create SaaS platforms without any coding or development skills.

Pathfix offers the easiest way for you to add OAuth integration to your app with zero coding effort. Setup your integration to any platform, we manage the OAuth servers, token management, and the pass-through connectivity to all of selected provider without you managing any additional code in your environment.

Adding OAuth Integration To App Using the API Connector

You will need to register your application with the provider first, this will allow you to remain completely white-labelled:

  • Login/Create your Pathfix account here
  • Add the name of your application
  • Pick the provider you want to integrate with and add the ClientID and ClientSecret
  • Specify the scopes you want to access and hit Save
  • Use the Pathfix plugin to enable the integration in your app
  • Use the Bubble API Connector to call any API

View our detailed documentation with video walkthroughs and setup guide.

Bubble Plugins

Pathfix is constantly releasing plugins for that solve oauth and call the relevant APIs. Install these plugins and get access to actions immediately and start building your workflows. View No-code Plugins

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