Firebase + MSG19 + smsportal

CrelioHealth is cloud based LIMS Software - Laboratory Information Management System Software for diagnostics centers and pathology lab

They work with thousands of diagnostic labs globally and provide cutting edge digital technology to deliver more value to patients, doctors & health organisations and enable better diagnostic solutions.

As an added offering to their robust solutions, they wanted to build an automation that would listen for diagnostic reports and send automated message (sms) notification to patients by leveraging existing sms platforms as well as Google Firebase to send the final report. This is where Pathfix Automation came in.

So, why not Zapier?

Zapier is a great tool, it is perfect for when you want to connect your applications with pre-built Triggers and Actions. However, its not the most flexible platform that allows you to work with your data (process data) before being sent to another platform.

In this case, the team wanted to use custom providers, be able to listen to their endpoints and be able to connect it all.

This is where Pathfix Automation comes in. With it's API-based automation capabilities, it allowed CrelioHealth to listen for data being sent by their system, check for a specific entry, leverage Firebase url shortner and then call the relevant sms platform to send the messages.

Requirement & Build

API Breakdown

Pathfix Automation allows you to add/build any API and then stitch them all together to build your automation. So, the first step was understanding which APIs were required for each of the providers. Here's the breakdown for each provider:

1. CrelioHealth API

CrelioHealth has a robust API system already built into their system. This allowed for us to receive the required data directly through their APIs and build their automation based off it.

2. Firebase API

With Firebase, we had to call the API to shorten the url that would go along with the sms.

Here's the API we needed

  • Firebase Dynamic links url shortner

3 MSG91

Once we got the required data, the sms sending platform needed to be notified of the content along with the recipient info. MSG91 is the sms sending solution for India.

APIs required to achieve MSG91 integration:

  • API with the flow url to call the revelant message flow

4. smsportal

The automation also needed to call a sms sending platform for a different region. smsportal is the sms sending solution for South Africa.

API required to achieve smsportal integration:

  • Bulk sms send API

These were the 4 APIs that were added to the Automation platform.

Automation Build

Once the APIs were set up, all that remained was to link up all the APIs and then map the relevant fields to each of the custom platform fields

Pathfix Automation allows you to use ANY data response received from the API calls, this meant that we could choose the specific data received from CrelioHealth, run the analysis against each data point, send the link to Firebase and then call the sms provider depending on the region.

Here's how the custom data selection works in Pathfix Automation.

The entire automation was built with less than 8 tasks that listened to data received from CrelioHealth API in realtime, ran the Firebase shortner and sent the relevant messages.

Here are all the 8 tasks that made the automation:

Pathfix Automation made it possible for CrelioHealth to be able to automate their entire patient sms notification process.

Choose to build your own automation just like CrelioHealth, or reach out to us and we will built your custom, complex automation for you.

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