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Years in the Making

After years in the SaaS industry and having built over 7 SaaS solutions, we realized that for a SaaS to grow, it needed to be part of the users’ stack. Translation: Integrations were key to growth.

Traditional method of integrations required engineers to spend weeks on end in building out and implementing the OAuth module for authorization and communication. This was the most non-productive and the least-loved development work that would often get pushed and would consume the most engineering hours.

We created Pathfix, an OAuth proxy platform to solve this exact pain-point. We wanted to build a solution that would enable development teams across digital platforms to connect to any platform in less than a few minutes without ever having to manage any servers.

Thanks to the many engineers and passionate developers, we built one of the only OAuth proxy platforms that enables many SaaS platforms globally with their integrations in just a few minutes.

We are excited to be a part of your SaaS journey!


We’re Sameera & Ralph

Previously backed by Accel Partners, we built Pathfix to solve a problem we faced while building our SaaS platforms.

We want to enable other SaaS platforms to build integrations quickly without worrying about servers, frameworks or SDK’s.

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