Wise (Transferwise) + Bubble

Ronin Global is an agency-focused SaaS platform that provides Facebook Advertisers and agencies the ability to scale their Facebook advertising with their compliance consulting & highly trusted agency accounts.

As a primary value of their platform, they manage multiple agency accounts that include cash flow management and advertising usage between their account in Ronin and Facebook ads.

RoninGlobal's previous management was done manually via Spreadsheets and reconsiling between their Wise (previously Transferwise) account and their Bubble app. A tedious process they needed to automate.

Managing all the accounting info was not only tedious and manual, it was also unsecure and Ronin wanted to find a way to solve this efficiently without compromising on security.

Could this have been done via Zapier? No, not really.

The APIs that were required to access the data from Wise securely is not readily available in Zapier and adding the API to consume is not the easiest

This is where Pathfix Automation came in. With it's API-based automation capabilities, it allowed for RoninGlobal to pull data from Wise, look up the custom fields and map them to the fields already set up in their Bubble.io app database.

Requirement & Build

API Breakdown

Pathfix Automation allows you to add/build any API and then stitch them all together to build your automation. So, the first step was understanding which APIs were required for each of the providers. Here's the breakdown for each provider:

1. Wise

All of the financial data, transfers, payments, payouts and usage is in Wise Borderless account. This means, we had to call the relevant API to be able to fetch the data.

APIs required to achieve Calendly integration:

  • Get Profiles
  • Get borderless account
  • Statement pre-query
  • Statement query

In addition to the above, Wise also requires an additional approval code to be sent via an API that contains the private keys. This allows for each API call to be secure.

2. Bubble.io

Once the data is fetched from the Wise account, this needed to be mapped and reconsiled to each individual RoninGlobal account/user.

Working with Bubble.io's APIs are pretty straightforward. Once the API has been set up, it would need to be called and a workflow is triggered within Bubble.

APIs required to achieve Bubble.io data transfer:

  • Custom API to write transaction against each user

That was it.

Automation Build

Once the APIs were set up, all that remained was to link up all the APIs to build the Automation to run at the scheduled time daily to fetch the data and map to each individual user.

Pathfix Automation allows you to use ANY data response received from the API calls, this allowed us to select specific field and map it to Bubble's APIs

Here's a sample of how the custom data selection works for selecting specific data received from previous API calls.

The entire automation was built with only 7 tasks that pulled data from Wise in realtime, and updated the user info in Bubble.io

Here are all the 7 tasks that made the automation:

Pathfix Automation made it possible for RoninGlobal to be able to automate their entire payment and reconsiliation process that now runs smoothly at the set time.

Choose to build your own automation just like RoninGlobal, or reach out to us and we will built your custom, complex automation for you.

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