Calendly + Clickup + ActiveCampaign

100poundsocial is a lead generation and social media management experts. A done-for-you outreach agency. They provide content for blog and articles along with LinkedIn and social media outreach.

As part of their operations, 100poundsocial books a lot of meetings via Calendly that includes multiple Custom Fields. So, when they wanted to streamline their growing booking schedule and bring in automation to sync Calendly with their CRMs, we were thrilled to say the least.

They wanted to build an automation that would listen to Calendly events and update Clickup CRM for every new call booking with custom fields as per the Calendly event. Once done, push new contact details to Activecampaign.

First, let's answer the most important question (i.e. the elephant in the room):

Why not Zapier?

Zapier is a great tool, it is perfect for when you want to connect your applications with pre-built Triggers and Actions. However, its not the most flexible platform that allows you to work with your data (process data) before being sent to another platform.

The biggest reason was the inability to capture the custom fields and map it to the right Clickup field.

This is where Pathfix Automation comes in. With it's API-based automation capabilities, it allowed for 100poundsocial to pull data from Calendly, look up the custom fields and map them to the fields already set up in Clickup.

Requirement & Build

API Breakdown

Pathfix Automation allows you to add/build any API and then stitch them all together to build your automation. So, the first step was understanding which APIs were required for each of the providers. Here's the breakdown for each provider:

1. Calendly

Calendly is where the users selected the date, time and the type of event for call booking. Each calendly event gets the user info (name, email etc.) along with the link to the event.

Here’s what we wanted to get from each Calendly event:

  • Listen for new event (Webhook)
  • Pull ALL custom fields
  • Host information
  • Date of event

APIs required to achieve Calendly integration:

  • Webhook listener
  • Get event.type
  • Get

2. Clickup

The automation should pull all the custom fields and add it as a new Clickup task. In addition to the custom field, we also needed to map the assignee in Clickup to the host of the event.

Here’s what we wanted to do:

  • Get all custom field ID's (as part of the mapping)
  • Auto-assign the assignee
  • Date of event
  • Custom tags

APIs required to achieve Clickup mapping:

  • Update task
  • Query Clickup task
  • Create new Clickup Task
  • Updae task with custom description

3. ActiveCampaign

Once mapping was complete, the final step was to create a new contact in ActiveCampaign and add specific tags to it.

Here’s what we wanted to do:

  • Add contact to ActiveCampaign
  • Update a list
  • Add custom tags

APIs required to achieve ActiveCampaign automation:

  • Add a Contact API

Automation Build

Once the APIs were set up, all that remained was to link up all the APIs and then map the Calendly fields to the custom Clickup fields.

Pathfix Automation allows you to use ANY data response received from the API calls, this meant that we could choose the specific data received from Calendly, to Clickup and from Clickup to Active Campaign

Here's how the custom data selection worked for selecting specific data from the Calendly API call:

The entire automation was built with only 13 tasks that pulled data from Calendly in realtime, updated all required fields in Clickup and created a new contact in ActiveCampaign.

Here are all the 13 tasks that made the automation:

Pathfix Automation made it possible for 100poundsocial to be able to automate their entire booking process that now runs as clockwork 🙂

Choose to build your own automation just like 100poundsocial, or reach out to us and we will built your custom, complex automation for you.

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