Social Logins/Single Sign On (SSO)

Add social logins to your existing login modules and offer your users the ability to login with their social accounts


The Easiest Way To Add Social Logins

No messy code, no time spent in configuration and no additional platform to manage identity. Pathfix’s social login extension allows you to add social login buttons to your existing login module and send the information to your login module, in just a few minutes..

Multiple service providers to pick from

Activate social login in a few minutes

Validated users

No additional login modules, SDK’s, token management systems or frameworks to manage

Connect to Any Provider, Instantly

Pathfix is the easiest way for you to offer social login for your users in your SaaS.

Choose from multiple providers

Select and offer multiple identity providers to your users with just a few clicks

Extend your login functionality

Add social login buttons quickly to your existing login module. Get rich demographic information about your users and eliminate the need of long signup forms.

Secure & validated users

Eliminate the need for validation process and emails, get validated user email addresses with an easy to implement social login. Never deal with spam or bot registrations.

Identity Providers

Pathfix supports any identity provider that has an OAuth connection.

How It Works.

Add social logins in a few minutes


Select SSO Extension

Login and click Extensions, select SSO


Pick The Provider

Enter and save the ClientID and

ClientSecret received from the provider


Insert Code to Your SaaS

Add the Pathfix generated 4-line code to

your SaaS application and instantly offer the connect button

Start Your Build With Pathfix OAuth