Add Real-time Data Sync To Your App.

Add a Beacon OAuth button to your page and authorize your users. Beacon registers a webhook, listens for events and calls your endpoint.

OAuth Authorize – Register Webhook – Listen For Triggers – Call Endpoint

Pick From Multiple Beacons

Connect your application to any calendar, email and contact provider without the complexity and cost in building individual

Calendar Sync

Calendar Beacon will listen

to all events in the authorized calendars and update your webhook with transformed data

E-Mail Sync

Sync your users authorized email accounts across providers with the email Beacon.

Contacts Sync

The Contact Beacon will listen and fetch any CRUD level events in your authorized users accounts

Events Sync

Event Beacons have been setup for a few providers to listen to all events and update any new information

Add Sync Functionality, Instantly.

Beacon is the easiest way for you to add real-time sync functionality without worrying about complex OAuth and Webhooks registration framework.


Webhook Based OAuth Data

Simply add the OAuth Connect button anywhere on your platform. When your user completes the OAuth connection, the Beacon will activate for the user and start listening for events. When an event is triggered, the Beacon will notify your callback webhook specified.

That's it. All done in just a few minutes.

Why Beacon?

The only solution that solves the complex OAuth and Webhook registration

Webhook Reg.

No more complex webhook registration process across providers

Endpoint Validation

All validations and tokens handled in each Beacon

Always Listening

Beacon always listens for events and fetches data for events triggered

99.5% uptime

Guaranteed SLA's

Scales with you

Scalable and reliable performance

Low Latency

Quick connections

How It Works

Setting up webhook based OAuth data sync


Select Service Provider For Sync

Click to select a service provider and connect


Add OAuth Keys

Add OAuth keys received from the provider. Add your webhook url to receive callback data


Insert Code to Your SaaS

Add 4-lines of code to your SaaS application and enable sync.

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